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All abstracts by Nina Lanza in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) The Origin of Vera Rubin Ridge: Oxidative Weathering on Mars?
Fraeman A, Arvidson R, Edgar L, Fedo C, Fischer W, Horgan B, L'Haridon J, Grotzinger J, Lanza N, Milliken R, Morris R, Salvatore M, Siebach K, Stack K, Thompson L, Sun V, Wiens R & Williams A

(2019) Rock Varnish: Implications for Biosignatures on Mars
Marti-Arbona R, Lanza N, Teshima M, Lingappa U, Fischer W & Yeager C

(2019) Manganese as Indicator for Strongly Oxidizing Aqueous Environments in Gale Crater, Mars
Lanza N, Fischer W, Lamm S, Gasda P, Meslin P-Y, Ollila A, Clegg S, Cousin A, Delapp D, Frydenvang J, Forni O, Reyes-Newell A, Salvatore M & Wiens R

(2018) Microbial Inhabitants of Rock Varnish: Visitors or Niche Specialists
Lingappa U, Fischer W, Lanza N, Challacombe J & Yeager C

(2018) Manganese Oxides on Mars: A Potential Biosignature?
Lanza N, Fischer W, Ollila A, Gasda P & Wiens R

(2015) Diversity of Igneous Rocks At Gale, Mars
Cousin A, Sautter V, Mangold N, Fabre C, Forni O, Rapin W, Fisk M, Gasnault O, Lanza N, Lasue J, Meslin P-Y, Newsom H, Ollila A, Payre V, Wiens R & Maurice S

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