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All abstracts by Anthony Dosseto in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Prey and Predators in the So’a Basin, Flores: Dietary Reconstructions Through Ca and Sr Isotopes in Fossil Enamel of Insular Pleistocene Taxa from Indonesia
Koutamanis D, Hassler A, Tacail T, Kurniawan I, Prasetyo Wibowo U, Martin J, Balter V, Dosseto A, Sutikna T & van den Bergh G

(2023) All Quiet on the Weathering Front: Geochemical Evolution of Soils on Réunion Island
Dosseto A, Hannan-Joyner A, Gayer E & Michon L

(2022) Developing Novel Techniques for Reconstructing Past Fire Histories in South-Eastern Australia
Ryan R, Dosseto A, Lemarchand D, Dlapa P, Bradstock R, Thomas Z & Simkovic I

(2022) Dietary Reconstruction of Pleistocene Australian Herbivore Megafauna Using δ44/42Ca and 87Sr/86Sr in Fossil Enamel
Koutamanis DS, McCurry M, Tacail T & Dosseto A

(2022) Calcium Isotopes as a Biomarker for Vascular Calcification in Chronic Kidney Disease
Dosseto A, Lambert K, Cheikh Hassan HI & Tacail T

(2021) Under-Representation of Talents Among Awards in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Riches AJV, Pourret O, Ader M, Anand P, Arndt S, Bots P, Dosseto A, Li Z, Marin-Carbonne J, Middleton JL & Ngwenya B

(2021) Comparison of High-Throughput Techniques for Metals Purification and Subsequent Isotope Analyses in Modern Applications
Mahan B & Dosseto A

(2021) Strontium Isotopes in Dental Calculus as a Screening Approach to Investigate Past Human Migrations: Your (Ancient) Trash in my Treasure
Dosseto A, Weyrich L & Eisenhofer Philipona R

(2021) Investigating Boron Isotopes and FTIR as Proxies for Bushfire Severity
Lu S, Dosseto A, Lemarchand D, Dlapa P & Bradstock R

(2021) Boron Isotopes and FTIR Analysis to Determine Past Fire Occurrence in the Upper Nepean Catchment, NSW, Australia
Ryan R, Dosseto A, Lemarchand D, Dlapa P, Simkovic I & Bradstock R

(2021) Mapping the Strontium Isotope Distribution in Northern Australia
de Caritat P, Dosseto A & Dux F

(2020) The Aftermath of the Sturtian Glaciation: Reconstructing Palaeo- Seawater Chemistry and Silicate Weathering
Taylor H, Dosseto A, Farkas J, Cox G & Lamothe K

(2020) Chemical Weathering and Organic Carbon Turnover in Soil
Raines E, Norton K, Dosseto A, Hua Q, Lukens C, Deslippe J & Bellingham M

(2019) Rapid Ion Exchange Purification of Zn and Cu from Biological Matrices for Isotope Analysis via MC-ICP-MS
Mahan B, Turner S, Dosseto A, Happel S & Chung R

(2019) Deglaciation of the Cryogenian Glaciations: Intense Silicate Weathering and Large Element Fluxes in the Oceans
Taylor H, Dosseto A, Farkas J, Cox G, Kell Duivestein I, Dietzel M, Kingston A, Lorrey A, Corrick A & Shen B

(2018) Quantifying Weathering Rind Formation Rates by in situ Measurements of U-Series Disequilibria with Laser Ablation (LA) MC-ICPMS
Ma L, Dosseto A, Gaillardet J, Sak P & Brantley S

(2016) Copper Isotope Metallomics and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Enge TG, Dosseto A, Ecroyd H & Jolley D

(2016) Using Cosmogenic and U-Series Nuclides in Stream Sediment to Test Hypotheses About Mountain Landscape Evolution
Callahan R, Riebe C & Dosseto A

(2016) Investigating the Modern and Paleo-Weathering Regimes of Sedimentary Deposits Using Boron Isotopes
Ercolani C, Lemarchand D & Dosseto A

(2016) Past and Modern Weathering Conditions in the Murrumbidgee Basin (Australia)
Rothacker L, Dosseto A, Chivas A & Vigier N

(2016) Ancient Times of a Wetter Australia as Recorded by Speleothems of the Flinders Range, South Australia
Dosseto A, May J-H, Eggins S & Williams M

(2015) Tales of the Deep: Weathering at the Base of the Critical Zone
Moore O, Buss H, Dosseto A & Maher K

(2015) Weathering Regime Recorded by Boron Isotopes in Grain Size Fractions of Soil and River Sediments
Ercolani C, Lemarchand D, Voinot A, Bosia C & Dosseto A

(2014) Boron and Calcium Isotope Records of Glacial-Interglacial Weathering from River Paleochannel Sediments
Lemarchand D, Schmitt A-D & Dosseto A

(2014) Erosion, Weathering and Climate in Middle Earth
Dosseto A & Kiekebosch-Fitt E

(2013) 10Be Derived Catchment Denudation Rates from the Garhwal Himalaya
Swander Z, Dosseto A, Fink D, May J-H & Korup O

(2013) Rapid Regolith Formation over Volcanic Bedrock and Implications for Landscape Evolution
Dosseto A, Buss H & Suresh PO

(2013) U-Series Isotope Composition of Primary Minerals to Determine Regolith Production Rates on Three Different Lithologies
Menozzi D & Dosseto A

(2013) Developing the Comminution Age Technique: Isolating the Detrital Minerals
Martin A & Dosseto A

(2013) Temporal Evolution of Subduction Signatures in a Continental Back-Arc
Espanon V, Dosseto A & Chivas A

(2012) Catchment-Wide Denudation Rates from the Murrumbidgee River, Murray-Darling Basin, SE Australia, Using in situ Cosmogenic 10Be
Fujioka T, Dosseto A, Hesse P & Mifsud C

(2011) U-Series Disequilibrium in Groundwater as a Vector for U Mineralisation
Murphy M, Dosseto A, Turner S & Schaefer B

(2011) Chronology of Fluvial Incision in the Upper Ganges Inferred from in situ Cosmogenic Isotopes
Swander Z, Dosseto A, Fink D & Mifsud C

(2011) Inception! Timescale of Chemical Weathering during the Early Stages of Water-Rock Interaction
Dosseto A & Riebe C

(2010) Residence Time of River Sediments in the Ganges Alluvial Plain from U-Series Disequilibria
Chabaux F, Granet M, Stille P & Dosseto T

(2009) Long Residence Time of Sediments in Small Catchments
Dosseto A, Turner S, Chabaux F, Buss H & Brantley S

(2009) U-Series Constraints for the Rate of Bedrock-Saprolite Transformation in the Rio Icacos Watershed, Puerto Rico
Blaes E, Chabaux F, Pelt E, Dosseto A, Buss H, White A & Brantley S

(2009) Determination of Source and Transfer-Time of River Sediments in Alluvial Plain from U-Series Nuclides: Evidence from the Ganges River System
Chabaux F, Granet M, Blaes E, Dosseto T, France-Lanord C & Galy V

(2008) Thermal and Uranium-Series Isotope Constraints on the Rate and Depth of Silicic Magma Genesis
Sandiford M, Dosseto A, Turner S & Davidson J

(2008) Vegetation over Hydrologic Control of Sediment Transport over the Past 100, 000 yr
Dosseto A, Turner S, Hesse P, Maher K & Fryirs K

(2008) Rate of Spheroidal Weathering Determined by U-Series Nuclides (Rio Icacos Basin, Puerto Rico)
Chabaux F, Blaes E, Pelt E, Dosseto A, Buss H, White A & Brantley S

(2007) The Timescale of Sediment Transport in a Small Tropical Watershed
Dosseto A, Turner S, Buss H & Chabaux F

(2007) Source Depletion Versus Extent of Melting in the Tongan Sub-Arc Mantle
Caulfield J, Turner S, Dosseto A & Pearson N

(2006) The timescale of soil and saprolite production inferred from uranium-series isotopes: case study in temperate Australia
Dosseto A, Turner S & Green E

(2006) Timescales of petrogenesis in an active caldera, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
Cunningham HS, Turner SP, Dosseto A & Eggins S

(2006) The role of the Béni floodplain on the chemical weathering fluxes in the upper Madeira basin, Bolivia.
Gaillardet J, Maurice-Bourgoin L, Guyot J-L & Dosseto A

(2006) Amphibole fractionation- a constraint on the depth of arc magma evolution?
Davidson J, Dosseto T & Turner S

(2005) Understanding Radioactive Disequilibrium in River-Borne Material: Dependence on Colloid/particle Size
Dosseto A, Douglas G & Turner S

(2005) Rapid Response of Erosion to Recent Climatic Changes: New Insights from Uranium-Series
Dosseto A, Bourdon B, Gaillardet J, Allegre CJ & Filizola N

(2002) Models for Genesis of Kamchatka Arc Magmas: New Insights from U-Series
Dosseto A & Bourdon B

(2000) 238U-234U-230Th-226Ra and 235U-231Pa Radioactive Disequilibria in Volcanic Rocks from Kamchatka, Russia
Dosseto A & Bourdon B

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