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All abstracts by Phoebe Lam in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Redox Cycling of Iron at the Peruvian Margin
Heller M, Croot P, Lam P, Moffett J, Lee J-M, Till C & Wuttig K

(2019) Mechanisms of Pelagic Barite Precipitation
Martinez-Ruiz F, Paytan A, Gonzalez-Muñoz MT, Jroundi F, Abad MDM, Lam P, Bishop JKB, Horner TJ, Morton PL & Kastner M

(2018) Characterizing the Reversibility of Ligand-Mediated Adsorption of Iron onto Ferrihydrite Particles
Amaral V, Buck K & Lam P

(2018) Thorium Isotopes as Tracers of the Biological Carbon Pump in the Arctic
Black E, Charette M, Lam P, Anderson R, Kipp L, Xiang Y, Vivancos S & Buesseler K

(2018) Controls on the Barium-Isotopic Composition of Marine Particles
Horner T, Pryer H, Nielsen S & Lam P

(2016) Size Distribution of Particulate Trace Elements in Hydrothermal Plume from the 20ºS East Pacific Rise
Lee J-M, Heller M & Lam P

(2016) Major Modes of Variation in Particulate Trace Element Distributions in Contrasting Basins
Lam P, Lee J-M, Heller M & Ohnemus D

(2016) Thorium-234 Distribution along the Eastern Pacific GEOTRACES Transect and Implications for Export and Remineralization of Carbon and Trace Metals
Black E, Buesseler K, Pike S, Lam P & Charette M

(2015) Role of Authigenic Fe-Mineral Formation in the Delivery of Carbon to Marine Sediments
Toner B, Hoffman C, Fitzsimmons J, Sherrell R, Heller M, Lam P & German C

(2015) Contrasting Rates of Thorium and Particle Cycling in Different Oceanographic Environments along the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic Section
Lerner P, Lam P & Marchal O

(2015) Barium-Isotopic Cycling in Southern Ocean Particulate Matter
Kinsley C, Horner T, Nielsen S & Lam P

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