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All abstracts by Don Lawton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Resolving the Sources of Crustal Noble Gases in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin to Aid Helium Prospectivity
Martin-Roberts E, Utting N, Osadetz K, Utley RE, Lawton D & Gilfillan SMV

(2022) Multi-Isotope Geochemical Baseline Study of the CMC Research Institutes CCS Field Research Station (Alberta, Canada), Prior to CO2 Injection
Utley RE, Martin-Roberts E, Utting N, Johnson G, Gyore D, Zurakowska M, Stuart F, Boyce A, Darrah T, Gulliver P, Osadetz K, Lawton D, Haszeldine S & Gilfillan SMV

(2017) Establishing High Resolution Chemical and Isotopic Baseline Conditions in a Shallow Bedrock Aquifer in Southern Alberta, Canada
Cheung T, Mayer B, Parker B, Cherry J, Lerouge C, Blessing M, Kloppmann W & Lawton D

(2016) Tracing Fugitive Gas in Shallow Groundwater in Areas of Unconventional Energy Resource Development
Mayer B, Humez P, Nightingale M, Clarkson C, Cahill A, Parker B, Cherry J, Millot R, Kloppmann W, Osadetz K & Lawton D

(2016) High-Resolution Methods for Baseline Groundwater Monitoring in Areas of Energy Resource Development
Parker B, Cahill A, Cheung T, Cherry J, Mayer B, Lawton D & Osadetz K

(2015) New Approaches for Tracing Potential Leakage of CO2 from Geological Storage Reservoirs Using Stable Isotope Tracer Techniques
Mayer B, Becker V, Humez P, Nightingale M, Shevalier M, Osadetz K & Lawton D

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