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All abstracts by Régis Doucelance in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Deep Mantle Chemical Heterogeneities: New Insight from the Measurement of the 138La-138Ce and 146,147Sm-142,143Nd Systematics in Hawaiian Basalts
Boyet M, Doucelance R, Seghi J, Auclair D, Williamson NMB & Weis D

(2023) Mineral-Whole Rock Isotope Fidelity in Granitoids? A Comparative Study of Hf-Nd-O Isotopes in Apatite, Titanite and Zircon
Bruand E, Fowler M, Storey C, Dhuime B & Doucelance R

(2022) Mineral-Whole Rock Isotope Fidelity? A Comparative Study of Hf-Nd-O from High Ba-Sr Granites
Bruand E, Storey C, Fowler M, Dhuime B & Doucelance R

(2021) A Ce-Nd-Hf Isotope Perspective on the EMI-Emii End-Member
Doucelance R, Israel C, Boyet M, Bonnand P, Jackson MG & Barling J

(2021) Ce-Nd Isotopic Composition of the Continental Crust: First Data on Middle and Lower Crustal Rocks
Israel C, Boyet M, Doucelance R, Bonnand P, Dhuime B, Ionov D & Jackson MG

(2020) Ce-Nd Isotopic Composition of the Continental Crust: First Measurements of Lower Crust Samples
Israel C, Boyet M, Doucelance R, Bonnand P, Laporte D, Dhuime B & Ionov D

(2020) A Ce-Nd-Hf Isotopes Perspective on the EMI-Emii End-Members Distinction
Doucelance R, Israel C, Boyet M, Bonnand P, Jackson M & Barling J

(2019) 138La-138Ce and 147Sm-143Nd Isotope Composition of the Main Silicate Reservoirs and Implications for the Rare Earth Elements Pattern of the Bulk Silicate Earth
Israel C, Boyet M, Doucelance R, Bonnand P, Frossard P, Auclair D & Bouvier A

(2019) In situ Determination of Nd Isotope Ratios in Apatite
Doucelance R, Bruand E, Matte S, Bosq C, Auclair D & Gannoun A-M

(2015) Cerium Isotope Systematics in the Mariana Arc-Basin System
Bellot N, Boyet M, Doucelance R, Pin C, Savov I, Plank T & Elliott T

(2014) Comparison of Ce Isotopes in Two Oceanic Arc Systems: Lesser Antilles and Mariana
Bellot N, Boyet M, Doucelance R, Chauvel C, Plank T & Elliott T

(2013) Cerium Isotope Systematics of Oceanic Carbonatites
Doucelance R, Bellot N, Boyet M & Hammouda T

(2013) Development of the La-Ce Systematics: Application to Arc Magmas
Bellot N, Boyet M, Pin C, Chauvel C, Doucelance R & Auclair D

(2012) The Diversity of Granitoids in the Northern Kaapvaal Craton Records late-Archæan Geodynamic Changes
Laurent O, Martin H, Doucelance R, Moyen J-F & Paquette J-L

(2007) Isotope Evidences for the Origin of Cape Verde Oceanic Carbonatites
Doucelance R, Mata J, Moreira M & Silva LC

(2007) Fine-Scale Isotopic Structure in OIB Trends: New Insights from São Jorge Island, Azores
Millet M-A, Doucelance R & Schiano P

(2007) Temporal Evolution of the Cabo Verde Archipelago: New Constraints from 40Ar-39Ar Data
Bosse V, Doucelance R, Fornari M & Mata J

(2007) Further Helium Isotopic Evidence for a Lower Mantle Contribution to the Cape Verde Plume
Mourão C, Mata J, Moreira M, Doucelance R & Madeira J

(2005) Assessing Shallow Level Interactions in OIB Geochemical Signature; Application to São Nicolau Island, Cape Verde
Millet M, David K, Bosq C, Schiano P & Doucelance R

(2004) Mantle Source Heterogeneity Recorded in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from the FAMOUS Zone, Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Laubier M, Schiano P, Doucelance R, Laporte D & Ottolini L

(2004) Hf-Nd-Pb Isotope Systematics in MORB from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 22-35°N
Debaille V, Doucelance R, Agranier A, Blichert-Toft J & Schiano P

(2002) Evidence for Micro-Scale U-Mobility along Sedimentary Discontinuities in a Deep Limestone Formation as Inferred by 234U/238U Disequilibria
Deschamps P, Doucelance R, Ghaleb B, Hillaire-Marcel C & Michelot J-L

(2002) Os, Sr, Nd, Pb Isotopic Systematics in Basalts and Carbonatites from Fogo Island, Cape Verde
Escrig S, Doucelance R & Moreira M

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