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All abstracts by Patricia Dove in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Carbonate Ion Concentration as a Master Variable in the Formation of Geological and Biological CaCO3
Dove P, Mergelsberg S, Han N, De Yoreo J & Rimstidt D

(2018) The Mg-Dependent Solubility and Local Structure(s) of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC)
Mergelsberg S, De Yoreo J, Michel M, Rimstidt D & Dove P

(2018) Molecular Structure of Crustacean Exoskeletons and Relationships to Biomineral Toughness and Rigidity
Dove P, Mergelsberg S & Michel M

(2016) Evidence for Micrite Formation by Particle-Dominated Mineralization
Frisia S, Rubanov S, Borsato A, Gattolin G, Della Porta G, Marjo C, Rich A & Dove P

(2014) Characterizing Particle Mediated Crystal Formation
Banfield JF, DeYoreo JJ, Dove PM, Gilbert P, Joester D, Michel FM, Murray CB, Navrotsky A, Penn RL, Rimer JD, Sommerdijk NAJM, Wallace AF, Whitelam S & Zhang H

(2014) The Control of Organic Matrices on Nucleation and Growth of CaCO3
De Yoreo J, Nielsen M, Smeets P, Hamm L, Dove P & Sommerdijk N

(2014) Calcification by Amorphous Pathways: Revisiting Mineralization Process(es) and Controls on Compositional Signatures
Dove P, Blue C, Distad M & Giuffre A

(2014) Polysaccharide Chemistry and Ionic Strength Regulate Calcite Nucleation Barriers Through Continuum of Competing Interfacial Forces
Giuffre A, De Yoreo J & Dove P

(2014) Deciphering Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Crystallization Pathway Using Stable Isotope Labels
Giuffre A, Gagnon A & Dove P

(2014) Deciphering Chemical and Morphological Patterns of Mineralization
Dove P, Blue C, Mergelsberg S, Giuffre A & De Yoreo J

(2013) Classical vs. Non-Classical Pathways of Crystallization
De Yoreo J, Li D, Nielsen M, Hamm L & Dove P

(2012) Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Calcite Nucleation on Self-Assembled Monolayers
Hamm L, Han N, Giuffre A, De Yoreo J & Dove P

(2012) Controls of Polysaccharide Chemistry on Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Calcium Carbonate Nucleation
Giuffre A, Hamm L & Dove P

(2012) The Influence of Mineralization Pathway on Composition and Isotope Signatures in Calcite
Dove P, Giuffre A, Han N, De Yoreo J & Gagnon A

(2012) Influence of Alkalinity on the Magnesium Composition of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate
Blue C, Han N & Dove P

(2010) Impact of Carboxylated Molecules on Cation Hydration Dynamics and Implications for Calcification
Hamm L, Wallace A & Dove P

(2010) Effect of Amino Acids on Energy Barriers to Silica Nucleation and Polymerization
Han N, Wallace A & Dove P

(2010) Deciphering Mg Signatures of Carbonates in the Framework of Biogenic Versus Inorganic Pathways to Mineralization
Dove P, Stephenson A, Wang D & Hamm L

(2010) Investigating an Amorphous Precursor Pathway to Calcification: Implications for High Magnesium Carbonates
Wang D, Echigo T & Dove P

(2010) Extending BCF Theory Through Nanoscale Insights: Kink-Limited Kinetics of Calcite Growth and Inhibition
Dove P & De Yoreo J

(2009) Effects of Acidic Organic Molecules on the Solvation of Biologically Relevant Divalent Cations
Hamm LM, Wallace AF & Dove PM

(2009) Relative Influence of Salinity and Growth Rate on Calcite Mg/Ca
Stephenson A, Hunter J, Han N & Dove P

(2007) Towards an Understanding of Biosilicification Mechanisms: Nucleation of Amorphous Silica on Organic Surfaces
Wallace A & Dove P

(2007) Electrolyte-Promoted Demineralization of Biogenic, Vitreous, and Crystalline Silica: A Density Functional Investigation
Dove P, Wallace A, He Y & Gibbs J

(2005) Polyaspartate as a Stereochemical Switch for Controlling the Growth and Morphology of Calcite
Elhadj S, Dove P, De Yoreo J, Salter E & Wierzbicki A

(2005) Effects of Temperature and Transport Conditions on Magnesium Contents in Calcite
Wasylenki L, Dove P & De Yoreo J

(2005) Stereochemical Recognition Revisited: A Step-Specific Model for Shape Control
DeYoreo J & Dove P

(2005) Classical Nucleation Theory Predicts Dissolution Kinetics of Silica
Dove P, Han N & De Yoreo J

(2005) A Kink-Site Limited Model for Growth and Inhibition of Biominerals
DeYoreo J, Chernov A, Zepeda-Ruiz L, Wasylenki L, Elhadj S, Orme C, Gilmer G & Dove P

(2004) Sensitivity of Calcite Growth Rate to Solution Mg/Ca Increases with Increasing Temperature
Wasylenki L, Dove P & de Yoreo J

(2004) Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Sr and Mg Interactions with Calcite during Growth: Deciphering Mineralization Processes
Dove P, Wasylenki L, Wilson D & de Yoreo J

(2002) Deciphering the Physical Basis of Biomineralization Through the Lens of Mineral Assembly
Dove PM

(2001) Mechanisms of Calcite Growth Inhibition by Mg2+ and Sr2+: Comparison of Molecular-Scale Measurements to Crystal Growth Impurity Models
Davis KJ, Dove PM & De Yoreo JJ

(2001) Determining the Energetics of the Calcite <441> Steps
Teng HH, Dove PM & DeYoreo JJ

(2001) Resolving the Role of Magnesium as an Impurity in Calcite Growth
Davis KJ, Dove PM & De Yoreo JJ

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