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All abstracts by Markus Maisch in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Simultaneous Minimization of Arsenic Mobilization and Nitrous Oxide Emission Under Nitrogen Fertilization in Paddy Soils
Joss H, Joshi P, Maisch M, Zhu Y-G, Muehe EM, Zarfl C & Kappler A

(2021) Phototrophic Fe(II) Oxidation Takes Place in Organic Rich Environments
Nikeleit V, Maisch M, Byrne JM, Harwood C, Kappler A & Bryce C

(2021) Autotrophic Nitrate Reduction Coupled to Oxidation of Fe(II) Phases by a Gallionellaceae Sp.-Dominated Microbial Community Enriched from a Pyrite-Rich Aquifer
Jakus N, Blackwell N, Mellage A, Straub D, Hoeschen C, Maisch M, Byrne JM, Mueller CW, Grathwohl P, Kleindienst S & Kappler A

(2020) Fe(III) Mineral Formation by Fe(II)-oxidizing Bacteria – Consequences for Removal of Nitrate
Kappler A, Jakus N, Becker S, Kleindienst S, Huang Y-M, Bayer T, Maisch M, Nikeleit V, Byrne JM & Bryce C

(2019) Rice Roots Form Microniches in Paddy Soils that Control Arsenic (Im)mobilization
Maisch M, Lueder U, Kappler A & Schmidt C

(2019) Metastable Iron Sulphur Mineral Phases Drive Highly Dynamic Biogeochemical Cycles in Marine Sediments
Lueder U, Maisch M, Jørgensen BB, Kappler A & Schmidt C

(2018) Iron Plaque on Rice Roots – A Sink or Source for Arsenic?
Maisch M, Muehe M, Kappler A & Schmidt C

(2018) The Impact of Light on Iron Biogeochemistry in Sediments
Lueder U, Jorgensen BB, Maisch M, Kappler A & Schmidt C

(2017) Microaerophilic iron(II) Oxidation: An Experimental Approach to Quantify Microbial iron(II) Oxidation Rates
Schmidt C, Maisch M, Lueder U, Druschel G, Emerson D & Kappler A

(2017) In situ Mapping of Biogeochemical Gradients in the Rhizosphere of Rice Plants (Oryza Sp.) and Consequences for Iron Plaque Formation
Maisch M, Kappler A & Schmidt C

(2015) A Laboratory-Scale Column to Investigate Microbial Processes in Fe(II)-rich Upwelling Systems
Maisch M, Wu W, Kappler A & Swanner ED

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