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All abstracts by Petr Drahota in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Stability of Poorly Crystalline Arsenate Phases in the Presence of Different Phosphate Levels
Venhauerova P, Drahota P & Mikutta C

(2022) Arsenic-Enriched Streambed Sediment Reaction on Exposure to Discharged Phosphorus from a Wastewater Treatment Plant
Venhauerova P, Drahota P, Strnad L & Matoušková Š

(2021) Phosphate from Treated Wastewater Enhances Arsenic Release from Contaminated Stream Sediments
Venhauerova P, Drahota P, Strnad L & Matoušková Š

(2021) Tl Sequestration in the Middle Part of the Allchar Sb–As–Tl–Au Deposit, North Macedonia
Đorđević T, Kolitsch U, Drahota P, Majzlan J, Peřestá M, Tasev G, Serafimovski T, Boev I & Boev B

(2020) Mobility of Tl and Hg in the As-Rich Waste Dumps of Adit no. 25, Former Allchar Mine, North Macedonia
Dordevic T, Kolitsch U, Drahota P, Peresta M, Majzlan J, Kiefer S, Tasev G, Serafimovski T, Boev I & Boev B

(2019) Thallium Stable Isotope Ratios in Geogenically Tl-Contaminated Soils
Vanek A, Voegelin A, Mihaljevic M, Ettler V, Trubac J & Drahota P

(2019) Effect of the Relative Humidity on the Oxidation of Arsenopyrite and Löllingite
Drahota P, Culka A & Rohovec J

(2019) Microbial Sulfidogenesis of As in Naturally Contaminented Wetland Soil
Knappová M, Drahota P & Falteisek L

(2015) Biogenic Formation of Realgar in the Shallow Subsurface Soil
Drahota P, Falteisek L, Duchoslav V, Žák K & Penížek V

(2014) A Sequential Extraction Procedure for Mining Wastes: Partitioning of As
Drahota P, Grösslová Z & Kindlová H

(2013) Mineralogy and Thermodynamics of Secondary Arsenic Phases
Majzlan J, Drahota P & Filippi M

(2011) Dissolution Kinetics of Pd and Pt from Automobile Catalysts by Naturally Occurring Complexing Agents
Mihaljevic M, Sebek O, Strnad L, Ettler V, Jezek J, Stedry R & Drahota P

(2011) Microbial Mobilization of Arsenic from Soil of the Mokrsko Gold Deposit, Czech Republic
Drahota P, Redlich A, Falteisek L, Rohovec J & Čepička I

(2011) The Bullets Weathering in Microscale
Tejnecký V, Drábek O, Drahota P, Bakardjieva S, Jehlicka J & Borůvka L

(2011) Thermodynamics of Crystalline iron(III) Arsenates Scorodite, Kaňkite, and Bukovskýite
Majzlan J, Drahota P, Filippi M, Novak M, Loun J & Grevel K-D

(2009) Alteration of Arsenopyrite in Soils Under Different Tree Stands
Mihaljevic M, Ettler V, Sebek O, Strnad L, Drahota P & Prochazka R

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