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All abstracts by Sandra Arndt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Under-Representation of Talents Among Awards in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Riches AJV, Pourret O, Ader M, Anand P, Arndt S, Bots P, Dosseto A, Li Z, Marin-Carbonne J, Middleton JL & Ngwenya B

(2021) Constraining Geochemistry’s Community Demographics
Little SH, Labidi J, Riches AJV, Bots P, Anand P, Arndt S, Li Z, Maters EC, Marin-Carbonne J, Chi Fru E, Pourret O, Ngwenya B & Samankassou E

(2021) Benthic Organic Matter Dynamics Drives Carbonate Chemistry in Arctic Ocean Sediments
Sales de Freitas F, Arndt S, Hendry KR, Faust JC, Tessin AC & März C

(2021) Early Diagenesis of Silica in Barents Sea Sediments: A Holistic Laboratory and Reaction-Transport Model Assessment
Ward J, Hendry KR, Arndt S, Pickering RA, März C, Faust JC, Henley S, Krause J & Ng HC

(2021) Global Budgets of Organic Carbon Degradation Pathways in Marine Sediments
Hülse D, van de Velde S, Bradley JA, Pika P, Dale A & Arndt S

(2021) CO2 Storage and Release in the North Atlantic Ocean during the Last Glacial Period
Littley EFM, Rae JWB, Burke A, Thornalley DJR, Gray WR, Menviel L & Arndt S

(2021) The Role of Benthic Fauna for the Magnitude and δ56Fe Signature of Benthic Dissolved Iron Fluxes
van de Velde S, Dale A & Arndt S

(2020) A Dynamic Biological Pump Controlled the Global Redox Landscape during the End-Permian Extinction
Hülse D, Lau K, Arndt S, van de Velde SJ, Meyer K & Ridgwell A

(2019) Bioenergetics of Microbial Life in Marine Sediments
Bradley JA, Arndt S, Amend JP, Burwicz E, Dale AW, Egger M & LaRowe DE

(2019) Quantifying Benthic-Pelagic Coupling in the Changing Arctic Barents Sea
Sales de Freitas F, Ward J, Stevenson M, Abbott G, Henley S, Faust J, Tessin A, Solan M, März C, Hendry K & Arndt S

(2019) Oxygen Concentration vs. Sedimentation Rate: Controls on Redox Sensitive Elements from Cores in the North and South Atlantic
Littley EFM, Rae JWB, Burke A & Arndt S

(2019) Sedimentary Nutrient Supply in Productive Hotspots off the West Antarctic Peninsula Revealed by Silicon Isotopes
Cassarino L, Hendry K, Henley S, MacDonald E, Arndt S, Sales de Freitas F, Pike J & Firing Y

(2019) Benthic Silica Dynamics in the Northern High Latitudes: A Pore Water and Reaction-Transport Model Study
Ward J, Freitas F, Ng HC, Cassarino L, Hendry K, Arndt S & Maerz C

(2018) About the Beginning and End of OAEs: A Story of Biogeochemical Feedbacks and Organic Matter Burial
Hülse D, Arndt S & Ridgwell A

(2018) Silicate Weathering vs. Organic Carbon Burial: Who Wins?
Ridgwell A, Hülse D, Arndt S & Kirtland Turner S

(2018) Modelling Estuarine Biogeochemical and pH Dynamics: From the Local to the Global Scale
Volta C, Laruelle GG, Arndt S & Regnier P

(2018) Subseafloor Storage of Biogenic Methane Prior to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Kanzaki Y, Hunter S, Arndt S, Huelse D & Ridgwell A

(2017) Primary Information from Secondary Signals
Arndt S & Greene S

(2016) Modelling Microbial Processes during Soil Formation in a High-Arctic Glacier Forefield
Bradley J, Anesio A, Arndt S, Sabacka M, Barker G, Benning L, Blacker J, Singarayer J, Tranter M & Yallop M

(2015) Linking Marine Carbonate Preservation to Past Climate Through the Filter of the Biological Pump
Greene S, Arndt S, Kirtland Turner S & Ridgwell A

(2014) Modelling Reactive Iron Species as a Proxy for the Spatial Distribution and Intensity of Ocean De-Oxygenation Events in an Earth System Model
Death R, Ridgwell A, Arndt S, Monteiro F, Sherman D & Vance D

(2014) Primary Information from Secondary Signals: Tracking Early and Late Diagenetic Dynamics from Authigenic Minerals
Arndt S & Greene SE

(2013) Interpreting Molybdenum Isotopes as a Proxy for the Spatial Distribution and Intensity of Ocean De-Oxygenation Events in an Earth System Model
Death R, Ridgwell A, Arndt S, Monteiro F, Sherman D & Vance D

(2009) A Thermodynamic-Kinetic Model for Organic Matter Degradation in Marine Sediments
LaRowe D, Arndt S & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Methane Efflux from Marine Sediments: Kinetic, Microbial and Bioenergetic Controls
Regnier P, Dale A, Larowe D, Arndt S, Mogollon J & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Geochemical Evolution of the Global Ocean during a Mid-Cretaceous OAE: Model Development and Sensitivity Analysis
Arndt S, Regnier P, Donnadieu Y & Godderis Y

(2007) Influence of Model Aggregation on the Parameterization of Biogeochemical Reaction Kinetics in Ecosystem Models
Regnier P, Arndt S, Lacroix G, Gypens N & Lancelot C

(2007) Diagenesis in Deep-Seated Cretaceous Black Shales: Inverse Modeling and Transient Model Simulations
Arndt S, Brumsack H-J, Wirtz K & Regnier P

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