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All abstracts by Colin Macpherson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Using Mineral Isotope Stratigraphy to Understand Crustal Contamination in the Lesser Antilles Arc
Brown J, Prytulak J, Cooper G, Macpherson C, Nowell G & Neill I

(2019) Variations in the Supply of Fluids to the Lesser Antilles Subduction Zone
Cooper G, Macpherson C & Blundy J

(2019) Carbonate Assimilation by Sunda Arc Magma at Sumbing Volcano, Central Java, Indonesia
Macpherson C, Dempsey S, Nowell G, Ottley C, Thirlwall M & Hall R

(2018) The Textural and Chemical Records of Mushy Magma Dynamics
Humphreys M, Cooper G, Zhang J, Loewen M, Kent A, Metcalfe A, Macpherson C, Ottley C & Davidson J

(2018) Tracing Fluid Variations Across the Kamchatka Arc: Melt Inclusion Volatile Contents and B Isotopes
Iveson A, Humphreys M, Savov I, Churikova T & Macpherson C

(2017) Titanium Isotopes as a New Tool to Fingerprint the Tectonic Setting of Continent Formation?
Millet M-A, Smithies H, Champion D, Rushmer T, Macpherson C & Willbold M

(2015) Titanium Stable Isotope Fractionation during Planetary and Magmatic Differentiation Processes
Millet M-A, Williams H, Dauphas N, Burton K & Macpherson C

(2015) Noble Gas Evidence for the Mechanisms Creating Commercial Helium Reservoirs
Danabalan D, Gluyas J, Macpherson C, Barry P, Warr O, Mabry J, Byrne D & Ballentine C

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