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All abstracts by Gregory K. Druschel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Understanding Organic Phosphorus Cycling in Redox-Dynamic Eutrophic Freshwater Systems
Kurek M, Harrir M, Shukle J, Leduc M, Schroth A, Schmitt-Kopplin P & Druschel G

(2018) Characterization of Phosphorus Mobility in Shallow, Freshwater Lakes Under Variable Redox Conditions
Shukle J, Leduc M, Kurek M, Schroth A, Wilkes A & Druschel G

(2018) Pyrite and Organo-Sulfur Formation in Modern Euxinic Lakes
Fouskas F, Gilhooly lll WP, O'Beirne MD, Werne JP, Bosco-Santos A, Kurek M & Druschel GK

(2018) A Holistic View of Organic Sulfurization
Druschel G, Dvorski S, Kafantaris F-C, Toner B & Philippe S-K

(2018) Drivers of Iron and Phosphorus Partitioning in Eutrophic Waters and their Sediments: Insight from Monitoring and Experimental Redox Front Manipulation
Schroth A, Druschel G, Leduc M, Wilkes A, Bostick B, Shukle J & Kurek M

(2017) Microaerophilic iron(II) Oxidation: An Experimental Approach to Quantify Microbial iron(II) Oxidation Rates
Schmidt C, Maisch M, Lueder U, Druschel G, Emerson D & Kappler A

(2017) Sulfur-Carbon-Oxygen Cycling and the Role of Polysulfide as a Cryptic Molecule
Druschel G, Kafantaris F-C, Dvorski S & Schmitt-Kopplin P

(2017) Geochemical Kinetics of Polysulfide Formation
Kafantaris F-CA & Druschel GK

(2017) Response of Chemotrophic Processes to Dynamic Redox Conditions in a Cyanobacterial Mat
Klatt J, Marchant H, de Beer D, Ziebis W, Druschel G, Medina M, Chennu A & Dick G

(2015) Chemistry of FeII and FeIII in Hydrothermal Waters, Iceland
Kaasalainen H, Stefánsson A & Druschel G

(2015) Sulfur Mineralogy and Speciation in the Shallow-Sea Hydrothermal Sediments off Milos Island (Greece)
Kotopoulou I, Godelitsas A, Göttlicher J, Steininger R, Price R, Fike DA, Amend J, Gilhooly WP, Druschel GK, Mertzimekis TJ, Gamaletsos P & Kafantaris F-CA

(2015) Triple Sulfur Isotopes Fractionations Associated with Abiotic Sulfur Transformations in Yellowstone National Park Hydrothermal Springs
Kamyshny A, Druschel G, Mansaray Z & Farquhar J

(2014) Characterization of Forms of Zero-Valent Sulfur in the Microbial Metabolism of Sulfur and Thiosulfate and in Enzymatic Sulfur Reduction
Crane, Iii E, Zhu B, Li W, Kafantaris F & Druschel G

(2012) Geochemical Modeling of Lung Fluid-Mineral Interactions: Highlighting Fundamental Knowledge Gaps
Druschel G, Gunter M & Taunton A

(2012) Elemental Sulfur Nanoparticle Coarsening Kinetics and Changes in Raman and Voltammetric Signals
Garcia A & Druschel G

(2012) Sulfur Cycling in Shallow-Sea Hydrothermal Vents, Milos Greece
Gilhooly W, Fike D, Amend J, Druschel G & Price R

(2011) Redox Front Variability and Phosphorus Flux Across the Sediment-Water Interface
Druschel G, Smith L, Shufelt N, Watzin M, Pearce A & Rizzo D

(2010) Geochemical Assessment of Geogenic Arsenic Contamination in the Floridan Aquifer
Lazareva O, Druschel G & Pichler T

(2010) Elemental Sulfur Mineralogy, Surface Chemistry, and Aqueous Chemistry Affecting Microbial Metabolisms
Druschel G

(2008) Environmental Voltammetry to Characterize Microbial Habitats
Druschel G, Emerson D & Macalady J

(2008) Formation and Oxidation of FeS(aq) Molecular Clusters: Decoupling Iron Sulfide Mineral Dissolution and Oxidation Reactions
Oduro H & Druschel G

(2005) Field, Lab, and Computational Tools and Techniques for Linking Geochemical and Microbial Processes in a Range of Environments
Druschel G, Lorenson G, Rizzo D, Rogers D & Edwards K

(2005) Application of in situ Au-Amalgam Microelectrodes in Yellowstone National Park to Guide Microbial Sampling
Lorenson G, Rogers D, Price R, Edwards K & Druschel G

(2004) Environmental Limits of the Circumneutral Iron-Oxidizing Bacterial Isolate ES-1: Field, Culture, and Kinetic Results from Voltammetric Analyses
Druschel G, Emerson D, Glazer B, Kraiya C, Sutka R & Luther G

(2001) Biogenic Precipitation of Monomineralic Nanocrystalline Sulfides: Implications of Observed and Modeled Processes to Metal Contaminant Remediation and Ore Deposition
Druschel GK, Chan CS, Moreau J, Thomsen-Ebert T, Labrenz M, Fowle D, Welch SA & Banfield JF

(2000) Biogenic Carbonate Precipitation by a Planktonic Microbial Population
Welch SA, Skatvold AM, Labrenz M, Druschel GK, Thomsen-Ebert T & Banfield JF

(2000) Biomineralization and Geochemical Cycling in Subsurface Solutions: An Example
Banfield JF, Welch SA, Labrenz M, Druschel G, Bond PL, Fowle D, Thomsen-Ebert T & Gihring TM

(2000) Oxidation Kinetics of Tetrathionate at Low pH: Implications for Pyrite Oxidation Mechanisms and Microbial Ecology in Acid Mine Drainage Environments
Druschel G, Hamers R & Banfield J

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