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All abstracts by Francesca Piccoli in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) A Report on Gender Diversity and Equality in the Geosciences: An Analysis of the Swiss Geoscience Meetings from 2003 to 2019
Piccoli F & Guidobaldi G

(2021) Textural and Geochemical Evidence for Magnetite Production Upon Antigorite Breakdown during Subduction
Vieira Duarte JF, Piccoli F, Pettke T & Hermann J

(2021) Trace Element in Metamorphic Olivine: Implications for Geothermometry in Ultramafic Rocks
Kempf E, Piccoli F, Hermann J & Pettke T

(2021) Fresh, Pseudotachylyte-Bearing Mantle Peridotites from the Lawsonite Eclogite-Facies San Petrone Unit, Alpine Corsica
Vitale Brovarone A, Piccoli F, Frasca G & Giuntoli F

(2019) Redox Conditions Across the Antigorite Dehydration Reaction Constrained by Sulfide-Oxide-Silicate Mineral Geochemistry
Vieira Duarte J, Piccoli F, Hermann J & Pettke T

(2019) Reduced Fluids Released at Sub-Arc Depth from Subducting Ultramafic Rocks
Piccoli F, Kempf E, Viera Duarte JF, Hermann J, Pettke T & Connolly J

(2018) Metamorphic “Unconventional” Hydrocarbons in Subduction Zones
Vitale A, Martinez I, Sverjensky DA, Daniel I & Piccoli F

(2017) High-Pressure Rock Carbonation: Implications for Interpretation of Nature and Magnitude of Fluid Flow in Subduction Zones
Piccoli F, Ague JJ & Vitale Brovarone A

(2017) High-Pressure Rock Carbonation: A Sr-Nd Isotopes Perspective
Piccoli F, Bosch D & Vitale Brovarone A

(2015) Carbonate Formation during Subduction Metasomatism: Insights from Eclogitic Marbles (Alpine Corsica, France)
Piccoli F, Vitale Brovarone A, Beyssac O, Martinez I & Chaduteau C

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