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All abstracts by Susannah Porter in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Geologic History of Seawater DOC from Marine Iron Oxides
Galili N, Bernasconi SM, Nissan A, Aquila G, Jaggi M, Kurek M, Lechte M, Haghipour N, Spencer R, Porter S, Blattmann T, Alcolombri U & Hemingway JD

(2023) Single-Microfossil Carbon Isotope Analyses Show Consistently 13C-Depleted Microbial Mat-Builders throughout the Proterozoic
Agić H, Porter S, Cohen P & Junium C

(2023) Palaeoredox and Environmental Constraints on Early Eukaryote Ecosystems: Insights from the Greater McArthur Basin, Northern Australia
Lechte M, Riedman LA, Whelan M, dos Santos A, Halverson G & Porter S

(2021) Protracted Oxygenation in the Paleoproterozoic did not Result in Proliferation of Mitochondrial Organisms
Mänd K, Planavsky NJ, Porter S, Robbins LJ, Wang C, Kreistmann T, Paiste K, Paiste P, Deines Y, Kirsimäe K, Lepland A & Konhauser K

(2021) Flexibility in the Timeline of Early Eukaryote Evolution
Porter S, Agić H, Cohen P & Junium C

(2021) Investigating Habitats and Affinities of Proterozoic Eukaryotes with Single-Fossil Carbon Isotope Analysis
Agić H, Porter S, Cohen P & Junium C

(2019) Atmosphere-Ocean Oxygen and Productivity Dynamics during the Cambrian Explosion
Dahl TW, Connelly JN, Da L, Kouchinsky A, Gill BC, Porter S, Maloof AC & Bizzarro M

(2018) Oxygen and Early Eukaryote Ecosystems
Porter S, Riedman LA, Agić H, Woltz C & Dehler C

(2018) Eukaryotic Paleoecology at the End of the Boring Billion: Insights from Bylot Supergroup, Arctic Canada
Agić H, Porter S, Hodgskiss M, Wörndle S, Gibson T, Crockford P & Halverson G

(2018) What Controls the Preservation of Precambrian Organic-Walled Microfossils in Shales?
Woltz C, Porter S, Dehler C, Junium C, Hodgskiss M, Wörndle S & Halverson G

(2015) Early Sponges and Toxic Protists? Cryostane, a New Biomarker Antedating Sturtian Snowball Earth
Brocks J, Jarrett A, Sirantoine E, Kenig F, Moczydłowska M & Porter S

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