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All abstracts by Carolina Rosca in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Molybdenum Isotope Evidence for Sediment Recycling in Hotspot-Influenced MORBs: A Window into Ancient Deep-Sea Redox
Ahmad Q, Wille M, Rosca C, Labidi J, Schmid T, Mezger K & König S

(2021) Molybdenum Isotope Systematics at the Tonga Subduction Zone: The Role of the Metasomatized Forearc Mantle
Ahmad Q, Wille M, König S, Rosca C, Hensel A, Pettke T & Hermann J

(2020) Weathering and Post-Depositional Evolution of a Neoarchean Paleosol
Babechuk M, Stüeken E, Rosca C, Sindol G & Schoenberg R

(2020) Ocean-Atmosphere Redox Conditions Recorded by the 1.88 Ga Sokoman IF
Sindol G, Babechuk M, Conliffe J, Rosca C, Schoenberg R & Slack J

(2019) Zinc Isotope Systematics in Subduction Zones – Insights from Tonga Arc Lavas
Rosca C, König S, Pons ML & Schoenberg R

(2017) Characterisation of the Deposition of Organolead Compounds in the Irish Peatlands by GC-MC-ICP-MS
Craig G, Rosca C, Tomlinson E, Kamber B, Lloyd N, Bouman C & Schwieters J

(2017) Zn Isotope Systematics in Contrasting Deccan Basalt Weathering Profiles
Suhr N, Kamber BS, Rosca C, Schoenberg R & Widdowson M

(2017) Increasing Zinc Pollution of the Earth Surface Environment? An Example from an Irish Peat Bog
Rosca C, Schoenberg R, Tomlinson EL & Kamber BS

(2015) Pushing the Limits of Atmospheric Trace Metal Detection in Peat Samples
Rosca C, Tomlinson E, Mitchell F, McGlynn G & Kamber B

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