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All abstracts by Tibor Dunai in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) The SPICE Project: Cross-Calibration of Six Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Rates in Quartz, Olivine, and Pyroxene from the 72 ka SP Lava Flow, AZ, USA
Fenton CR, Niedermann S, Binnie SA & Dunai T

(2018) The SPICE Project: Preliminary Cosmogenic 10Be, 14C, and 21Ne Production Rates in Quartz from the 72 ka SP Lava Flow, AZ, USA
Fenton C, Niedermann S, Dunai T & Binnie S

(2009) Altitude Dependence of the Production Rates of Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclides
Ammon K, Dunai T, Stuart F & Meriaux A-S

(2009) Production Rates of Cosmogenic 36Cl on Ca and K
Binnie S, Dunai T, Schnabel C & Wilcken K

(2009) Cosmogenic 36Cl Production Rate Calibration from Ca and K Spallation
Schimmelpfennig I, Benedetti L, Garreta V, Pik R, Blard PH, Bourlès D, Finkel R, Ammon K & Dunai T

(2009) Cosmogenic Dating of ‘Old’ Glacial Events in Patagonia
Hein A, Hulton N, Dunai T, Schnabel C, Kaplan M & Xu S

(2008) In situ Cosmogenic 36Cl Production Rate Calibration from Ca and K in Lava Flows
Schimmelpfennig I, Benedetti L, Pik R, Burnard P, Blard PH, Dunai T & Bourlès D

(2008) Pleistocene Landscape Evolution of a Passive Margin in Response to Climate Change
Dunai T, Eitel B & Stuart F

(2007) Cosmogenic 3He Production Rate in Pyroxenes and Olivines at Low Latitude
Gayer E, Dunai T & Stuart F

(2006) Tracing pluvial periods in an ancient desert environment
Dunai T

(2005) CRONUS-Eu Cosmic ray Produced Nuclide Systematics – The European Contribution
Dunai T

(2005) Preservation of (Early) Miocence Landscapes in the Atacama Desert, Northern Chile
Dunai T, Gonzalez-Lopez G, Juez-Larre J & Carrizo D

(2002) Scaling Factors for in situ Cosmogenic Production, an Attempt to Reach a Working Consensus
Dunai TJ

(2002) Rare Gas and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotope Systematics of Deccan Flood Basalts
Hanyu T, Dunai TJ, Davies GR, Nakai S, Kaneoka I & Fujii T

(2000) Helium Diffusion in Apatite Revisited: Is the High Temperature Diffusion Mechanism an Artefact or a Reality?
Dunai TJ

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