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All abstracts by Ryosuke Sinmyo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Core-Mantle Interaction Through Liquid Magnesium Silicate Release from the Earth's Core
Helffrich G, Hirose K, Nomura R & Sinmyo R

(2018) Anomalous Behavior of the Compressibility and Thermal Conductivity of Fe, Al-Bearing Bridgmanite
Okuda Y, Ohta K, Sinmyo R, Yagi T, Ohishi Y & Hirose K

(2017) Effect of Fe3+ on the Subsolidus and Melting Phase Relations Under Lower Mantle Conditions
Sinmyo R, Nakajima Y, McCammon C, Miyajima N, Petitgirard S, Myhill R & Frost D

(2017) Density and Structure of Amorphous Silicate at High Pressure Conditions
Petitgirard S, Malfait W, Kupenko I, Sahle C, Spiekermann G, Weis C, Sternemann C, Sinmyo R, Hennet L, Wilke M & Rubie D

(2017) Evolution and Structure of an Outer Core Crystallizing SiO2
Helffrich G, Hirose K, Morard G & Sinmyo R

(2016) The Spin State of Fe3+ in Lower Mantle Bridgmanite
Sinmyo R, McCammon C & Dubrovinsky L

(2016) Sound Velocity of Liquid Fe-Si Alloy Under High Pressures
Nakajima Y, Imada S, Hirose K, Kuwayama Y, Sinmyo R, Tateno S, Tsutsui S, Ushiyama H & Baron A

(2016) Amorphous MgSiO3 and SiO2 Densities at Core-Mantle Boundary Conditions
Petitgirard S, Malfait W, Sinmyo R, Kupenko I, Journaux B, Collings I, Kantor I, Hennet L, Harries D, Dane T, Burghamer M & Rubie D

(2016) Crystallization of SiO2 in the Core Before Inner Core Formation
Hirose K, Morard G, Sinmyo R & Hernlund J

(2016) Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Lower Mantle Minerals
Ohta K, Okuda Y, Yagi T, Hirose K & Sinmyo R

(2015) Fate of Silicate Melts at Core-Mantle Boundary Conditions
Petitgirard S, Malfait W, Sinmyo R, Kupenko I, Harries D & Rubie D

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