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All abstracts by Carol Arnosti in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Pressure Effects on Microbial Enzymatic Activities Across Marine Environments
Balmonte JP, Pors R, Stief P, Arnosti C & Glud RN

(2013) A Constant Flux of Diverse Anaerobic Thermophilic Endospores into Cold Marine Sediments
Hubert CR, Bell E, de Rezende JR, Hanson CA, Suárez-Suárez A, Head IM, Loy A, Müller A, Baranyi C, Ferdelman TG, Nickel M, Vandieken V, Arnosti C, Brüchert V, Finster K, Kjeldsen KU & Barker Jørgensen B

(2013) Functional Contrasts and Functional Redundancy in Arctic Bacterial Communities in the Oxic Water Column and Anoxic Sediments
Arnosti C, Cardman Z, Steen A, Ziervogel K & Teske A

(2010) Organic Matter Degradation and Nutrient Remobilization in Permeable Coastal Sands
Huettel M, Chipman L, Podgorski D, Green S, Magen C, Niggemann J, Ziervogel K, Arnosti C, Berg P, Cooper W, Dittmar T, Kostka J & Hallas K

(2002) Carbon Cycling in a Continental Margin Sediment: Contrasts between Organic Matter Characteristics and Remineralization Rates and Pathways
Arnosti C & Holmer M

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