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All abstracts by Paulo Artaxo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Long Term Observations of Sahara Dust in Central Amazonia at the ATTO and ZF2 Towers
Artaxo P, Santos R, Rizzo L, Barbosa H, Andreae M & Pohlker C

(2019) African Dust Sources Contributing to Fertilization in the Amazon Basin
Guinoiseau D, Galer SJG, Kral AG, Saturno J, Ditas F, Artaxo P, Pöhlker C, Andreae MO & Haug GH

(2017) GoAmazon Experiment: Urban Pollution Interacting with Natural Biogenic Aerosols
Artaxo P, Barbosa H, Carbone S, Rizzo L, Machado L & Martin S

(2016) Changes in Natural Biogenic Aerosols in Amazonia Influenced by Urban Air Pollution at the GoAmazon 2014/15
Artaxo P, Barbosa H, Brito J, Carbone S, Fiorese C, Rizzo L & Martin S

(2014) The Close Links between Biology and the Chemistry of Particles and Trace Gases in Amazonia
Artaxo P, Cirino G, Brito J, Rizzo L, Barbosa H, Serrano AM & Sena E

(2013) Comparing Properties of Natural Biogenic with Biomass Burning Particles in Amazonia
Artaxo P, Rizzo L, Barbosa H, Sena E, Cirino G, Arana A & Serrano AM

(2011) Optical Properties, Size Distribution and Composition of Aerosol Particles in the Urban Area of Sao Paulo
Artaxo P, Backman J, Rizzo L, Jorge F & Kulmala M

(2011) Assessments of the Anthropogenic Radiative Forcing over the Amazon Basin: Aerosols and Land-Use Change
Sena E, Camara S, Frigeri F, Correia A & Artaxo P

(2009) Properties of Natural Biogenic Aerosols Measured at the AMazonian Aerosol characteriZation Experiment (AMAZE-08
Artaxo P, Martin S & Andreae M

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