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All abstracts by James J. Dynes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Development of C K-Edge NEXAFS Techniques for the Study of Organic-Mineral Interfaces
Regier T, Gillespie A, Dynes J, Chevrier D & Peak D

(2014) U(IV) Complexation by Sedimentary Organic Matter
Bone S, Dynes J, Regier T, Jones M, Fendorf S & Bargar J

(2012) Mechanisms of Ferrihydrite Formation Observed Directly via Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy
Peak D, Dynes J, Green R & Regier T

(2012) The Role of Metal Redox Coupling Processes in Carbon Cycling and Stabilization
Sparks D, Chen C, Lazareva O, LeMonte J, Dynes J, Wang J & Regier T

(2012) Determination of Soil Organic C Species Using Soft X-Ray XANES: Tackling Normalization & Matrix Effects
Dynes J, Regier T, Chevrier D, Gillespie A & Peak D

(2009) 2D, 3D, and in situ STXM in Geomicrobiology
Obst M, Wang J, Karunakaran C, Benzerara K, Dynes JJ, Lawrence JR, Swerhone GDW & Hitchcock AP

(2008) Aragonite as a Precursor Phase of Cyanobacterial Calcite Precipitation and the Influence of EPS on the Nucleation Process – A STXM Study
Obst M, Hitchcock AP, Dynes JJ, Lawrence JR, Swerhone GDW & Benzerara K

(2008) Geomicrobiology with Soft X-Ray Scanning Transmission Microscopy
Hitchcock A, Dynes J, Obst M, Lawrence J & Leppard G

(2008) Biofilm Structure and Biochemistry with Soft X-Ray Scanning Transmission Microscopy
Dynes J, Rema T, Hitchcock A, Korber D, Leppard G, Swerhone G, Obst M & Lawrence J

(2005) Mapping of Metal Species in Biofilms Using Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy
Lawrence J, Dynes J, Hitchcock A, West M, Leppard G, Swerhone G, Tyliszczak T & Araki T

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