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All abstracts by Ian John Fairchild in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Seasonal Distinction of Hydrological Variability in Speleothem Calcite
Wynn PM, Fairchild IJ, Spotl C, Hartland A, Mattey D, Cotte M & Fayard B

(2013) Colloidal Metals in Stalagmites: Potential for Palaeohydrology
Hartland A, Fairchild IJ, Muller W & Dominguez-Villar D

(2012) Timing the Evolution of Seawater Chemistry during the Neoproterozoic: Case Study of the Svalbard Succession
Bonnand P, Parkinson I, Fairchild I, McMillan E, Condon D & Halverson G

(2011) Chromium Isotopes as an Indicator of Redox Conditions in the Cryogenian Shallow Oceans
Bonnand P, Parkinson I, James R & Fairchild I

(2009) Redox State of the Neoproterozoic Oceans: Insights from the REE and Cr Isotopes
Bonnand P, Parkinson IJ, James RH, Fairchild IJ & Rogers NW

(2009) Colloids in Karstic Percolation Waters: Implications for the Interpretation of Trace Element Variations in Speleothems
Hartland A, Fairchild I & Lead J

(2009) S Cycling and Capture: Robust Records in Speleothems, Trees and Snowball Lakes
Fairchild I

(2009) Seasonal Microclimate Control on Calcite Fabrics, Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements in Modern Speleothem from St. Michaels Cave, Gibraltar
Mattey D, Fairchild I & Atkinson T

(2008) Extraordinary Neoproterozoic Conditions Implicated by Sulfate of Extraordinary Oxygen Isotopic Compositions
Bao H, Fairchild I, Spoetl C & Wynn P

(2007) High Resolution Ion Microprobe Analysis of Sulphur Isotopes in Speleothem Carbonate
Wynn P, Fairchild I, Baker A, Frisia S, Borsato A, Miorandi R, Spotl C & Craven J

(2006) Annual-scale chemical cyclicity in speleothems
Fairchild I

(2006) Geochemistry of terrestrial carbonates forming within an alleged Snowball Earth glaciation
Fairchild I, Wynn P, Spoetl C, Bickle M & Chapman H

(2006) Atmospheric Forcing Of Sulphate in Speleothem Carbonate
Wynn P, Fairchild IJ, Baker A, Frisia S, Borsato A & Miorandi R

(2006) Sub-monthly to daily trace element distribution in annually laminated stalagmite mapped by synchrotron micro X-ray fluorescence
Borsato A, Frisia S, Fairchild IJ, Somogyi A & Susini J

(2006) Environment-sensitive trace element concentration in speleothems as detected by synchrotron µ-XRF
Frisia S, Borsato A, Somogyi A, Fairchild IJ & Susini J

(2005) Record of the Weathering Timescale in Himalayan Rivers
Pomies C, Bickle M, Tipper ET, Chapman H, Fairchild I & Harris N

(2004) Environmental Controls on Annual Carbonate Deposition for Stalagmites from Brown’s Folly Mine, Wiltshire, England
Baldini J, McDermott F & Fairchild I

(2004) Sulphate in Speleothems Records Atmospheric Sulphate Variability
Frisia S, Borsato A, Susini J & Fairchild I

(2002) Modelling of Carbonate and Silicate Inputs to the Riverine Dissolved Load
Bickle MJ, Bunbury J, Chapman H, Harris N, Fairchild I & Ahmad T

(2002) Weathering Reactions within a Basaltic Glacial Outwash Plain
Robinson Z, Fairchild I, Spiro B & Russell A

(2002) Combined Modelling of Hydrological and Hydrochemical Dripwater Data to Deduce Karstic Plumbing
Fairchild IJ, Tuckwell GW, Baker A & Tooth AF

(2000) Experiments to Investigate the Contribution of Silicate Weathering to the Dissolution of Himalayan Rocks
Bunbury J, Bickle M, Ahmad T, Fairchild I, Harris N & Chapman H

(2000) Re-assessing the Carbonate Contribution to High Himalayan Dissolved Load
West AJ, Bickle MJ, Bunbury JM & Fairchild IJ

(2000) Multi-Element Trace Element Proxies in Speleothems
Fairchild IJ, Baker A & Huang Y

(2000) U Isotope Systematics in Four European Stalagmites: New Insights and Implications for Palaeoclimatic Reconstruction
Huang Y, McDermott F, Hawkesworh CJ & Fairchild IJ

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