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All abstracts by Feifei Zhang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Barium Isotope Evidence for Rapidly Enhanced Marine Primary Productivity Triggering the End-Permian Oceanic Anoxia
Lin Y, Wei H-Z, Zhang F, Wei G, Wang W, Zhang H, Jiang S-Y & Shen S

(2023) A Notable Incorporation of Isotopically Heavy U(IV) Species into Carbonates Under the Modern Marine Environment
Yuan Y, Chen T, Zhang F, Liu Y, Xiong G, Wei G, Dahl TW, Yan W, Ling H-F, Cheng H & Shen S

(2023) Diagenetic Effects on Uranium Isotope Fractionation in Carbonate Sediments from the South China Sea
Xiong G, Zhang F, Lin Y, Yuan Y, Wei G, Na L, Wang W, Zhou J, Cheng H, Yan W & Shen S

(2023) Lithium Isotopic Constraints on Widespread Clay Authigenesis after the Marinoan Glaciation
Yin Y, Wei G, Pogge von Strandmann P, Lechte M, Hohl SV, Zhang F, Isson T & Ling H-F

(2023) Rapid Increases in Continental Silicate Weathering Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary Corresponding to Massive Carbon Emission
Wei G, Zhang F, Zhang H, Lin Y & Shen S

(2023) Enhanced Marine Biological Carbon Pump as a Trigger for Early Mississippian Marine Anoxia and Climatic Cooling
Zhang F, Pohl A, Elrick M, Swart P, Cheng K, Crockford PW, Fakhraee M, Lin Y, Cao M, Wei G, Li N & Shen S

(2022) Dynamic Evolution of Marine Chemistry during the Mid-Ludfordian Glaciation and the Late Silurian Lau/Kozlowskii Extinction Events
Fryda J, Zhang F, Farkas J, Frydova B & Mergl M

(2020) Uranium Isotopes in Permian Marine Carbonates and Calcitic Brachiopods: Validation of the Global Paleoredox Proxy and Implications for Ocean Oxygenation in the Permian
Wang W, Zhang F, Shen S, Bizzarro M, Garbelli C & Dahl TW

(2020) The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event was Promoted by Persistent Deep Oceanic Anoxia
Zhang F, Stockey R, Planavsky N, Fan J, Li N, Finnegan S, Edwards C, Goldberg S, Saltzman M, Dahl T, Bergmann K, Sperling E, Zhang H, Wang X & Shen S-Z

(2019) Extensive Marine Anoxia during the Tonian Period Revealed by Uranium Isotopes in Marine Carbonates
Zhang F, Xiao S, Dahl T, Planavsky N, Romaniello S, Lenton T & Anbar A

(2019) Marine Anoxia Linked to Abrupt Global Warming during Deep Glacial of the Earth’s Penultimate Icehouse
Chen J, Montañez IP, Zhang F, Shen S, Yao L, Qi Y, Wang Y & Wang X

(2019) Calcium Isotope Evidence for an Episode of Ocean Acidification Across the Early Triassic Smithian-Spathian Boundary Recorded in the Shitouzai Section, South China
Zhao H, Zhang F, Chen Z-Q, Liu Y, Hu Z & Hu Z

(2017) Deciphering the Carbonate Record of Mesoproterozoic Biospheric Oxygenation: Insights from Chromium and Uranium Isotopes
Gilleaudeau G, Frei R, Kaufman A, Luo G, Romaniello S, Zhang F, Klaebe R, Sahoo S, Kah L, Azmy K, Bartley J, Chernyavskiy P, Knoll A & Anbar A

(2017) Global Marine Redox Changes Drove the Rise and Fall of the Early Animals
Zhang F, Romaniello S, Kendall B, Xiao S & Anbar A

(2017) Constrain the Global Redox State of post-Marinoan Ocean with Paired Mo-U Isotopes
Cheng M, Li C, Zhang F & Anbar A

(2017) U Isotope Evidence for a Common Occurrence of Extensive Anoxia in the Cryogenian Ocean
Pan W, Zhang F, Zhu X, Cheng M, Li C, Yan B, Du Y, Zhang R & Chen J

(2017) Constraining Drivers of the End-Permian Mass Extinction Using High-Resolution Records of Marine Anoxia
Romaniello SJ, Zhang F, Algeo TJ & Anbar AD

(2016) Evidence for Transient Deep-Water Oxygenations in Early Cambrian Nanhua Basin (South China)
Cheng M, Li C, Zhang F, Romaniello S, Feng L-J, Zhou L & Algeo T

(2016) Vanadium Isotope Fractionation in Low-Temperature Environments
Wu F, Qi Y, Zhang F, Algeo T, Yu H & Huang F

(2016) Advances on the Paired Use of Mo and U Isotope Data from Organic-Rich Mudrocks to Infer Ancient Ocean Redox Conditions
Kendall B, Lu X, Yang S, Wang J, Wang S, Zhang F & Romaniello S

(2016) Uranium Isotope Variation Across the Ediacaran Shuram Excursion
Zhang F, Li C, Melezhik V, Pokrovsky B, Shi W, Cheng M, Kendall B, Romaniello S, Owens J & Anbar A

(2016) Validation of the Carbonate 238U/235U Paleoredox Proxy: Evidence from Multiple Localities Spanning the Permian-Triassic Boundary
Romaniello S, Zhang F, Algeo T, Lau K, Chen X, Elrick M, Herrmann A & Anbar A

(2015) Uranium (U) Isotope Variation in Marine Carbonates Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary
Zhang F, Romaniello S, Algeo T, Herrmann A & Anbar A

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