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All abstracts by Francois Farges in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) From Spectroscopy to Science: What I owe to GEB
Farges F

(2013) The Browning Phenomenon of Medieval Stained Glass Windows
Ferrand J, Rossano S, Loisel C, Trcera N, Farges F, van Hullebusch E, Bousta F & Pallot-Frossard I

(2011) Characterization of Biomineralized Selenium Solid Phases by XAFS Spectroscopy
Lenz M, Van Hullebusch E, Farges F & Corvini P

(2009) Biological Selenium Remediation – A Simple Process Complicated
Lenz M, Van Hullebusch E, Farges F, Corvini P & Lens P

(2009) XAFS Study of the Structural Behaviour of Monazite
Harfouche M & Farges F

(2007) Microbial Biomineralization and Redox Transformation of As and Fe in an Acid Mine Drainage
Benzerara K, Morin G, Yoon T-H, Miot J, Casiot C, Farges F & Brown, Jr. G

(2006) Zn(II) sorption on nanoparticulate UO2
Singer D, Farges F & Brown G

(2004) In situ Study of the Iron Species in Silicate Melts
Wilke M, Partzsch G, Schmidt C, Farges F, Simionovici A & Hahn M

(2002) Modelling the Sorption of Metal Cations on Metal Hydroxides: Experiment vs. Model
Farges F, Benedetti M, Berrodier I & Brown Jr GE

(2002) New Concepts in XAFS Analysis
Farges F

(2000) Adsorption of Gold on Goethite Compared to the Starting Gold(III)-Chloride Solutions by XAFS Spectroscopy
Berrodier I, Farges F, Benedetti M & Cortes R

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