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All abstracts by Hai-Zhen Wei in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Barium Isotope Evidence for Rapidly Enhanced Marine Primary Productivity Triggering the End-Permian Oceanic Anoxia
Lin Y, Wei H-Z, Zhang F, Wei G, Wang W, Zhang H, Jiang S-Y & Shen S

(2023) Ba Isotope Fractionation during Granitic Magmatism and Potential of d138/134Ba for Distinguishing Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition
Wei H-Z, Palmer MR, Jiang S-Y & Wang J-L

(2023) Sites-Specific Oxygen Isotope Fractionation of Biological Apatite
Wang J-L & Wei H-Z

(2023) Standard Doping Method for Silver Isotope Analysis in Silicate Rocks with Low Silver Abundance
Zhu Y-F, Wei H-Z, Jiang S-Y & Williams-Jones AE

(2023) Chlorine Isotope Fractionation in Ore-Forming Systems and its Implication for Polymetallogenic Processes
Zhang MM, Wei H-Z, Jiang S-Y & Williams-Jones AE

(2022) Chlorine Isotope Fractionation during Metal-Chloride Complexation: Implications for Metallogenic Processes
Liu X, Wei H-Z, Williams-Jones A, Jiang S-Y & Lu J

(2022) Accurate Determination of Silver Isotopiccompositionin Silicaterockswith Low Silver Abundance
Zhu Y-F & Wei H-Z

(2021) Chlorine Isotope Fractionation during Sublimation of Metal Chloride and Implication for Degassing of the Lunar Magma Ocean
Han Z, Hui H & Wei H-Z

(2021) Implication of Temperature-Independent Boron Isotope Proxy to Variations of EASM in NE China over the Past 800 kyr
Wei H-Z, Lei F & Lu H-Y

(2021) Temperature-Independent Precipitation Amount Proxy by Using Boron Isotope of Land Snail Shells in the East Asian Monsoon Area
Li C, Sheng X & Wei H-Z

(2021) Theoretical Understanding on Boron Isotope Fractionation during Serpentinization
Li Y-C, Wei H-Z, Palmer MR & Jiang S-Y

(2021) Chlorine Isotope Variations of Apatite in Damiao Deposit: Implications for Magmatic-Hydrothermal Process
Liu X, Wei H-Z, Williams-Jones A & Jiang S-Y

(2020) Pressure-Induced Chlorine Isotope Fractionation Among Chlorine- Bearing Minerals
Liu X, Wei H-Z, Jiang S-Y, Williams-Jones AE & Lu J-J

(2020) Silver Isotope Fractionation in Evaporation and Redox Processes: Implication to Silver Transport in Hydrothermal Systems
Dong G, Wei H-Z, Williams-Jones AE, Jiang S-Y & Liu X

(2020) Insights into the Early Cambrian Relations between Marine Productivity and Redox Fluctuations Using Ba Isotopes
Lin Y-B, Wei H-Z, Li D, Hohl SV & Jiang S-Y

(2019) Silicon Isotope Fractionation of Silica Sinter in Geothermal Fields of Southern Tibet, China
Wang W, Wei H-Z & Jiang S-Y

(2019) Use of Ba and Cd Isotope Systematics to Reconstruct Microbialite Paleo-Habitats and Bio-Productivity
Hohl SV, Viehmann S, Lin Y, Wei H-Z, Steiner M & Galer SJG

(2019) Interface Interaction and Associated Boron Isotope Fractionation in a Steady- State Carbonate-Seawater System
Wang Y-J, Wei H-Z, Jiang S-Y, Li Y-C & Dong G

(2019) Equilibrium Boron Isotope Fractionation Related to Silicate Melt: A Density Functional Theory Study
Li Y-C, Wei H-Z, Jiang S-Y, Palmer MR & Lu J-J

(2019) Theoretical Understanding on Chlorine Isotope Fractionation between Apatite- Group Minerals and Fluid
Liu X, Wei H-Z, Jiang S-Y, Williams-Jones AE & Lu J-J

(2019) Barium Isotope Variations Across the Basal Doushantuo Formation: Implications for Productivity Recovery after the Marinoan Glaciation
Lin Y-B, Jiang S-Y, Wei H-Z & Hohl SV

(2018) Origin of Rare Metal Resources in Geothermal Fields of Southern Tibet, China
Wang W, Wei H-Z & Jiang S-Y

(2018) Equilibrium Boron Isotope Fractionation between Boron-Bearing Minerals and Fluid Reservoirs
Li Y-C, Wei H-Z, Jiang S-Y, Palmer MR & van de Ven TGM

(2017) Accurate Bromine Isotope Analysis and Implications of Multiple Isotope Tracers for Origin and Evolution of Rare Metal Resources in Hydrothermal Brines in Tibet
Wang Y-J, Wei H-Z, Jiang S-Y & Zhao Y

(2017) New Evidence from Halogen and Boron Isotopes for Multiple Sources of Middle Miocene Badenian Evaporites, Carpathian Mountain Region
Zhao Y, Wang Y-J, Wei H-Z, Jiang S-Y, Eastoe CJ & Peryt TM

(2016) In situ Boron Isotope Determination for Mantle Carbonate by Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Chen W, Zhao K-D, Jiang S-Y & Wei H-Z

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