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All abstracts by Kevin Faure in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Understanding Sources and Modification of Primary Magmatic Volatiles in the Taupo Volcanic Zone: Evidence from Helium and Oxygen Isotopes
Farsky D, Rowe M, Chambefort I, Barker S, Rooyakkers S, Faure K & Graham DW

(2010) Submarine Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems at the Monowai Volcanic Centre, Kermadec Arc
Leybourne M, de Ronde C, Baker E, Faure K, Walker S & Resing J

(2009) Hydrothermal Systems of Intraoceanic Arcs
de Ronde C, Baker E, Embley R, John L, Butterfield D, Faure K, Leybourne M, Chadwick W, Ishibashi J, Reising J, Walker S, Merle S & Greene R

(2006) Enriched mantle component in high Sr/Y ('TTG') granites: Hf, Sr, Nd, O, isotopic compositions of Cretaceous arc magmas from New Zealand
Tulloch AJ, Griffin WL, Kimbrough DL, Faure K & Saeed A

(2006) Why are Udachnaya-East pipe kimberlites enriched in Cl and alkalis, but poor in H2O?
Kamenetsky VS, Kamenetsky MB, Sharygin VV, Maas R, Faure K & Sobolev V

(2006) Submarine hydrothermal activity along the mid-Kermadec arc, New Zealand: Large-scale effects on venting
De Ronde CEJ, Baker ET, Massoth GJ, Lupton JE, Wright IC, Sparks RJ, Walker SL, Greene RR, Bannister SC, Reyners ME, Ishibashi J & Faure K

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