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All abstracts by Paulo Favas in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Distribution of Heavy Metals and Arsenic in Soils of an Abandoned Lead Mine (Central Portugal)
Favas P, Pratas J, D'Souza R, Varun M & Paul M

(2013) Multi-Element Pedogeochemical Prospecting in the Agrochão-Murçós Area (NE Portugal)
Gomes E & Favas P

(2011) Bioavailability of Tungsten in Soils and Tailings of Mining Areas with Distinctive Paragenesis (Northern Portugal)
Favas P, Pratas J & Gomes E

(2011) Uranium in Aquatic Plants from Uranium Contaminated Water in Central Portugal
Pratas J, Favas P & Prasad MNV

(2011) Studies of Metalotolerant Vegetable Species and their Potential for Biogeochemical Prospecting and Environmental Restoration (Cavalo Old Mining Area, Central Portugal)
Pratas J, Favas P & Conde L

(2010) Selective Chemical Extraction of Heavy Metals and Arsenic in Soils Contaminated by Mining Activity (Northern Portugal): Biogeochemical Implications
Favas P, Pratas J & Gomes ME

(2010) Uranium Accumulation in the Plants of the Old Mine of Sevilha (Central Portugal
Pratas J, Favas P, Paulo C & Rodrigues N

(2009) Isotopic Markers in Wines from Douro Region, Portugal
Malheiro V, Favas P, Gomes M & Ribeiro S

(2009) Heavy Metals and Arsenic Contamination in Mining Areas: A Biogeochemical Approach
Favas P, Pratas J & Gomes M

(2007) Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water in Some Localities of Vila Real – Northern Portugal
Silva C, Sousa H, Lopes O & Favas P

(2007) Uptake of Heavy Metals, and Arsenic by an Aquatic Plant in the Vicinity of the Abandoned Ervedosa Tin Mine (NE Portugal)
Favas P & Pratas J

(2005) Mineralogical Controls on Mine Drainage, Ervedosa Mine, Northern Portugal
Gomes M & Favas P

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