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All abstracts by Maureen D Feineman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) A Fresh Look at Field-Based Metamorphic Reaction Kinetics
Cruz-Uribe AM & Feineman MD

(2014) Basaltic Cannibalism in Iceland
Feineman M, LaFemina P, Brounce M, Cappos M & Gurenko A

(2013) Deep Sediment Melts Contribute to Southwest Japan Adakitic Magmas
Feineman M, Moriguti T, Yokoyama T & Nakamura E

(2013) Geodynamic Kinetics: Metamorphic Reaction Rates in Subduction Zones
Cruz-Uribe A & Feineman M

(2012) Normal Southern Volcanic Zone Basalts Behind the Arc at 34 Deg15'-34 deg45'S
Feineman M, Murray T, Drew D & Sruoga P

(2012) Equilibrium Partitioning of Li between Olivine and Clinopyroxene at Mantle Conditions
Deane J, Feineman M, Yakob J, Eggler D & Penniston-Dorland S

(2011) Upper Crustal Overprinting of Lower Crustal Processes at Maipo Volcano (34˚10’S), Southern Volcanic Zone
Feineman M, Drew D, Murray T & Sruoga P

(2011) Metamorphic Reaction Rates from Diffusion of Nb in Rutile
Cruz-Uribe A, Feineman M & Zack T

(2010) REE Mobility in Subduction Fluids: An Example from Franciscan Eclogite
Cruz-Uribe A & Feineman M

(2010) Does Fluid Transport in the Mantle Wedge Determine Radiogenic Isotope Ratios in Arc Magmas?
Feineman M

(2009) Eclogite Fluids vs. "Slab-Derived" Fluids: Simple Compositional Models
Feineman M

(2008) Post-Entrapment Li Isotope Fractionation in Melt Inclusions from Volcán Jorullo, Mexico
Feineman M, Johnson E, Wallace P, Kobayashi K, Moriguti T & Nakamura E

(2007) Partial Melting of Eclogite to Form High-Pressure Granitic Rock: A Case from the Erzgebirge, Southeast Germany
LeVay B, Feineman M, Zack T & Kerrick D

(2005) Pressure-Temperature Controls on Slab-Derived Fluid Chemistry
Feineman M, Ryerson F & DePaolo D

(2005) Sources of Magmatism at Daisen Volcano, Southwest Japan Arc
Feineman M, Moriguti T & Nakamura E

(2004) Quantitative Models for the Composition of Slab-Derived Fluids
Feineman M, Ryerson F & Depaolo D

(2002) Steady-State 226Ra/230Th Disequilibrium in Hydrous Mantle Minerals
Feineman MD, DePaolo DJ & Ryerson FJ

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