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All abstracts by Matthias Sieber in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Role of Shallow Intraplate Hydrothermal Fluxes on the Marine Dissolved Iron Inventory and Global Primary Production: A Kama’ehuakanaloa (Lō’ihi) Seamount Case Study
Lanning N, Sieber M, Steffen J, Bian X, Yang S-C, Weiss G, German CR, Seewald JS, Jenkins WJ, Hatta M, Tagliabue A, John SG, Conway TM & Fitzsimmons JN

(2023) Extreme Variability of Iron Bioavailability in the Southern Ocean
Fourquez MA, Janssen DJ, Conway TM, Cabanes D, Ellwood MJ, Sieber M, Trimborn S & Hassler C

(2022) Towards a Better Understanding of Nickel Cycling in the Modern Ocean: Development of an Automated Chromatography Method for Ni Isotope Analysis and the Generation of a GEOTRACES Ni Isotope Dataset in the Pacific Ocean
Bian X, Yang S-C, Raad R, Lanning N, Sieber M, Fitzsimmons JN, Conway TM & John SG

(2022) Characterizing Fe Sources on the Alaska Margin and Tracing their Influence Through the North Pacific along the GEOTRACES GP15 Section
Sieber M, Lanning N, Bullock EJ, Kong KP, Lee J-M, Mateos K, Laubach A, Bian X, Yang S-C, Weiss G, Hult M, Henderson PB, Le Roy E, Hatta M, Moore W, Charette MA, Lam PJ, Fitzsimmons JN, John SG & Conway TM

(2022) Examining Seasonal Variability in Seawater Iron Isotopes from the Bermuda Atlantic Iron Time-Series (BAIT)
Toth ER, Sieber M, Sohst B, König D, Tagliabue A, Sedwick P, Boiteau RM & Conway TM

(2021) Re-assessing the Role of Water-Column Sulphide Formation in the Marine Cd Cycle
de Souza G, Vance D, Sieber M, Conway T & Little SH

(2021) A Ferrous Wheel beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Hawkings J, Skidmore M, Priscu J, Shoenfelt Troein E, Davis C, Christner B, Kim O-S, Sieber M, Conway T, Gardner C, Vick-Majors T, Michaud A, Tranter M, Benning LG & Spencer R

(2020) The Biogeochemical Cycling of Fe and its Isotopes in the South Atlantic Ocean (GEOTRACES GA10)
Conway T, Summers B, Schlosser C, Sieber M, John S & Achterberg E

(2020) Tracing the Influence of Fe Sources in the North Pacific Using Fe Isotopes (Preliminary Results from GP15)
Sieber M, Lanning N, Fitzsimmons J, Weiss G, Hatta M, John S & Conway T

(2019) Iron Cycling in the Upper Southern Ocean – Insights from Fe Isotopes
Sieber M, Conway T, De Souza G, Ellwood M & Vance D

(2019) Iron Sources and Cycling in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone Assessed Using Iron Isotopes
Rapp I, Sieber M, Scholz F, Hopwood M, Conway T, Xie RC, Frank M, Vance D & Achterberg EP

(2019) Biogeochemical Behaviour of Cd and Zn in Eastern-Boundary OMZs
de Souza G, Sieber M, Conway T & Vance D

(2018) The Cycling of Zn and Cd Isotopes in Multiple Sectors of the Southern Ocean from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition
Sieber M, Conway T, de Souza G, Ellwood M & Vance D

(2017) The Role of Southern Ocean Processes in Controlling the Distribution of Cd Isotopes at Lower Latitudes in the South West Pacific
Sieber M, Conway T, Takano S, Sohrin Y & Vance D

(2016) The Role of the Polar Oceans in Controlling the Distribution of Cd Isotopes at Lower Latitudes in the South West Pacific
Sieber M, Conway TM, Takano S, Sohrin Y & Vance D

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