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All abstracts by Krzysztof Szopa in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) The Kalahari Craton in the Fiery Heart of Rodinia
Gumsley A, Sałacińska A, Knoper M, Mamuse A, Chew D, Söderlund U, Kamo S, Szopa K & Ernst R

(2019) Cimmerian Hydrothermal Activity in the Sakar Mountains of SE Bulgaria
Salacinska A, Szopa K, Gaweda A, Gumsley A, Chew D & Petrov P

(2017) A New Natural Reference Material for U-Pb Geochronology: Monazite from the Skalna Brama Pegmatite, the Sudetes, Poland
Szopa K, Kusiak M, Gawęda A, Banasik K, Chew D, Dunkley D, Iizuka T, Janeczek J, Konečný P, Krzykawski T & Yi K

(2017) Two Different Fingerprinted Impacts in One Layer: A New Find of Altered Meteoritic Remnants in the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary Clay in Lechówka, Poland
Szopa K, Karwowski Ł, Krzykawski T & Brachaniec T

(2016) Trace Metals Bioaccumulation Ability of Selected Freshwater Bivalve Shells
Brom K, Szopa K & Gawęda A

(2016) Enigmatic Presence of Zircon Crystals in Rocks from Teschenite-Picrite Association in the Silesian Unit (Southern Poland)
Szopa K, Wlodyka R, Chew D & Gaweda A

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