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All abstracts by Andrew Felmy in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Mechanistic Insights into the Water-Film Threshold for Silicate Carbonation in Wet-scCO2
Loring J, Benezeth P, Chen J, Qafoku O, Schaef T, Thompson C, Kerisit S, Ilton E, Felmy A & Rosso K

(2014) Nanoscale Chemical/Structure Analysis of Geological Minerals for Carbon Sequestration Using Atom Probe Tomography
Liu J, Perea D, Arey B, Qafoku O, Colby R & Felmy A

(2014) The Importance of Trace Components in Promoting the Nucleation and Growth of Mineral Phases: Magnesite at High Partial Pressures of CO2
Qafoku O, Arey B, Kovarik L & Felmy A

(2013) In-situ IR Spectroscopic Study of Forsterite Carbonation in wet-scCO2
Bénézeth P, Chen J, Qafoku O, Schaef T, Thompson C, Pearce C, Felmy A, Bonneville A, Rosso K & Loring J

(2011) Challenges in the Identification of Redox Reactive Fe(II) Mineral Phases in Suboxic Aquifer Sediments
Zachara J, Peretyazhko T, McKinley J, Liu C & Felmy A

(2011) Probing Mineral-Water Interfaces with Computer Simulation
Kerisit S, Rosso K & Felmy A

(2011) Atomistic Simulations of Uranium in the Environment: Diffusion, Adsorption, and Incorporation
Kerisit S, Liu C, Felmy A & Ilton E

(2010) The Role of Intermediates during Metal Carbonation of Forsterite in Wet Supercritical CO2
Felmy A, Kwak J, Hu J, Rosso K, Wang C, Hoyt D, Ilton E, Rustad J & Dixon D

(2010) Incorporation of Uranium by Oxides and Phyllosilicates: Effects on Redox and Retention
Ilton E, Kerisit S & Felmy A

(2010) Carbonation of Forsterite Exposed to Water-Saturated Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Loring J, Wang Z, Thompson C, Joly A, Sklarew D, Rosso K & Felmy A

(2010) Subsurface Transport of Pu on Nanominerals: Teasing out Biogeochemical Controls in Field Environments
Kersting A, Zavarin M, Dai Z, Felmy A, Kips R, Moser D, Powell B, Tinnacher R & Zaho P

(2010) Characterization of Reactive Ferrous Iron in Titanomagnetite (Fe3-xTixO4) Nanoparticles for Contaminant Reduction
Pearce C, Qafoku O, Liu J, Arenholz E, Heald S, Felmy A, Henderson M & Rosso K

(2007) Temperature-Programmed Desorption of Oxalate from the Goethite Surface
Boily J-F, Szanyi M & Felmy A

(2005) The Importance of Diffusion at the Microbe-Mineral Interface: Electrical Double Layer Effects and the Impact on Precipitation/Dissolution
Felmy A, Liu C & Straatsma T

(2005) Electron Transfer Reactions in Solution and at Interfaces
Rustad J, Rosso K & Felmy A

(2005) Thermochemical Data to Describe Actinide Partitioning to Bacteria: A Mixed Solvent Approach
Clark S, Felmy A, Qafoku O & Wang Z

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